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April Showers Baking Day: Recipes by Mazola, Bake Good

With options below from Mazola and Bake Good, there are ample sweet and savoury options to ensure these days are filled with unforgettable (and delicious) memories. To achieve perfection, we recommend using Mazola Vegetable Oil, perfect for baking as it’s made with 100% pure ingredients as well as Fleischmann’s Baking Powder, the perfect ingredient to make your baking creations fluffy and light.

April Showers Baking Day: Recipes Courtesy of Mazola and Bake Good

Cheesy Chive Muffins 

From Mazola, this recipe is the ultimate snack of savoury goodness and is a fluffy delight. Easy-to-follow, it’s kid-friendly, perfect for filling your kitchen with the tantalizing aroma of cheesy pleasure, and certified to satisfy all, even the finickiest of eaters!

Chocolate Zucchini Cake 

From Mazola, indulge your kids’ sweet tooth while sneaking in some nutritious goodness with this Chocolate Zucchini Cake recipe. Bursting with rich cocoa flavour and moist texture, this delightful treat combines the irresistible allure of chocolate with the added benefits of fresh zucchini.

Carrot Cake Cookies 

From Mazola, a delightful twist on a classic favourite – Carrot Cake Cookies. Bursting with wholesome goodness and irresistible flavours, this recipe is not only delicious but also perfect for kids. Imagine soft, chewy cookies infused with the warmth of cinnamon and nutmeg, complemented by the sweetness of grated carrots and shredded coconut.

Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches

From Bake Good, an exciting treat that’s not only scrumptious but also perfect for little ones – Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches. Crafted with love and care, these delectable sandwiches blend the irresistible flavours of rich chocolate cookies with creamy strawberry ice cream, creating a symphony of taste that kids simply adore. Whether it’s a sunny afternoon snack or a special treat for a birthday party, these homemade delights are sure to bring smiles to children’s faces. 


From Bake Good, with their crunchy texture and customizable flavours, these biscottis are the perfect baking adventure for children. With simple ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions, kids can actively participate in every step of the process, from mixing the dough to shaping the cookies.