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How to Embrace La Dolce Vita at Home

From quality food and family gatherings to an appreciation of the arts and architecture, Italians like to live life to its fullest. New research from Italian wafer brand, Loacker, reveals 91 per cent of Canadians admire an aspect of Italian culture.

Here, they share the top five aspects they appreciate most and how embracing the beauty of la dolce vista isn’t as difficult as you might think. 

Embrace La Dolce Vita at home

The top five aspects of Italian culture that Canadians appreciate: 

  1. Delicious, quality food (77 per cent) 
  2. Family gatherings (50 per cent) 
  3. Their appreciation for the arts and architecture (37 per cent) 
  4. Celebrating tradition (34 per cent) 
  5. Taking advantage of what Italy offers from beaches to mountains and cities (33 per cent) 

The research also shows that Canadians don’t just want to admire these facets from afar, many of them are actively looking to incorporate more good choices into their lifestyles: 

  • 69 per cent said they would like to spend more time with friends and family 
  • 67 per cent would like to spend more time outside and enjoying nature 
  • 61 per cent would like to incorporate more good food.  

Embracing the Italian lifestyle doesn’t have to include a plane ticket. Here’s Loacker’s five top tips for embracing the Italian lifestyle at home: 

1. Delicious, quality food can be found in the form of Loacker’s exquisite wafers and patisserie.

From Peanut Butter for patriotic Canadians, to a quintessentially Italian flavour like Espresso, Loacker combines delicious, high-quality ingredients for you to enjoy.

Whether you need an on-the-go bitesize snacks like Quadratini or a Loacker Classic wafer which has been popular for over 90 years, there’s a moment of bliss to suit any situation. 

Embrace La Dolce Vita at home

2. Summer is the perfect time to initiate a family gathering. Italians love to get together over good food and make memories. Difficult to get together in person?

A phone call goes a long way and can make you feel closer in an instant. Next time you’re enjoying a cup of coffee, consider picking up the phone and saying ‘ciao’ to feel closer in an instant. 

3. Canadians admire how the Italians embrace the arts and architecture. Canada has culture at every corner. Look up local listings and you’ll be surprised at the number of free festivals, shows and gallery openings. 

4. Celebrating tradition is fun, why not start your own with friends and family?

Mark a date in the calendar that you can call your own and embrace spending time with loved ones, whether that’s an outdoor picnic in the park or cooking up a feast with friends and family. 

5. Italy has much to offer, from beaches to mountains and cities, but so does Canada.

What we admire about the Dolomites or Amalfi Coast isn’t so far out of reach.

From world-renowned ski resorts to crystal clear water and cosmopolitan cities, there’s much to be admired at home.   

With Loacker’s range of delicious, high-quality snacks you can take advantage of a blissful, restorative break whether on the move or sharing a moment with friends and family.

The secret to the brand’s long-lasting success is its dedication to its values and product quality.

Canadians looking for delicious, quality food will love how Loacker prioritizes the authentic taste that only nature can give.

It’s delicious wafers contain no added flavourings, colours or preservatives.

Embrace La Dolce Vita at home

Nature speaks for itself in its authentic Italian flavour that comes from 100% Italian hazelnuts and non-GMO Alpine milk to name just two ingredients.  

Company decisions at Loacker are guided by its values and commitment to environmental sustainability, including sustainably sourcing raw ingredients and fair farming programs in countries like Ecuador and Cote D’Ivoire that ensure full respect for the resources of the planet, local farmers and their families.

Sustainability is considered throughout the packaging and production process.

Loacker aims to reduce waste by slashing packaging material, saving resources, ensuring maximum energy efficiency, reducing pollution, and implementing equitable labour cost policies. 

With Loacker, the best of Italian heritage, culture and values are packaged into a delicious snack for you to enjoy. Find out more at