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Celebrate Margherita Pizza Day at Pizzeria Libretto

With the school year coming to a close and the summer holidays excitedly nearing, they wanted to put a different (and delicious) holiday on everyone’s radar as it quickly nears. Margherita Pizza Day is the ideal celebration for the pizza lover inside of us all – and Pizzeria Libretto is the perfect place to take your celebrations.

Buona Giornata Margherita: Celebrate Margherita Pizza Day at Pizzeria Libretto

On June 11, Pizzeria Libretto, Toronto’s famous pizza institution, will be offering its iconic Margherita pizzas for $11 to celebrate Margherita Pizza Day.

The beloved chain has been on the scene for almost 15 years and has mastered the art of southern-Italian pizza-making with their famous Neapolitan-style pies.

To take advantage of this offering, readers can visit any of their locations, or use their branded app for takeout as well.

To redeem their Margherita Pizza Day offerings, readers can visit to book a table, and use the Pizzeria Libretto app to coordinate takeout and delivery.