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Pluck Tea Company Upcycled Certification Status

Canadian, female-owned tea maker, Pluck, announced that it is the first tea company in the world to achieve Upcycled Certified Product Status by the Upcycled Food Association (UFA) and Where Food Comes From.

Pluck Becomes First Tea Company Globally to Receive Upcycled Certification Status

Five of the brand’s innovative, premium teas, made with locally-sourced ingredients, have received the seal of approval.

Founded 10 years ago by Tea Sommelier, Jennifer Commins, Pluck has been disrupting the tea industry by prioritizing sustainability and ethical trade with its unique hand-blended, small-batch teas.

In 2020, the Upcycled Food Association approximated that $1 trillion of food is wasted or lost globally per year (1).

Companies that upcycle to reduce food waste are helping to reimagine supply chains across the world.

This process allows brands to partner with fellow food makers to incorporate high-quality ingredients that may have otherwise been discarded.

A selection of key ingredients in Pluck’s premium upcycled blends would typically be imported, however, by working with local partners, the Toronto-based tea brand can maximize the life cycle of these foods.

Pluck Becomes First Tea Company Globally to Receive Upcycled Certification Status

The Pluck team engages local juicers, vineyards, orchards, and other small businesses to work together in a mutually beneficial manner.

For example, the cacao shells that are featured in Pluck’s Chocolate Chai blend are sourced from a local bean-to-bar chocolate maker, ChocoSol, eliminating an additional shipment from suppliers and its environmental impacts.

Pluck’s Upcycled Certified teas include Citrus GingerSouthbrook Berry BlendCTRL+ALT+DELChocolate Chai, and After Dinner Mint.

Pluck’s upcycled ingredients include: 

  • Citrus peel, saved and immediately dried by Chaser’s Juice in Toronto, featured in Citrus Ginger and CTRL+ALT+DEL.
  • Grape skins, saved by the winemaker at Southbrook Vineyards in Niagara, featured in Southbrook Berry Blend
  • Cacao shells, reserved and roasted by a local bean-to-bar chocolatier, featured in Chocolate Chai and After Dinner Mint

Pluck is currently developing new partnerships and drying processes, and looks forward to adding more upcycled ingredients and blends in the near future.