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Steam Whistle Pilsner New 5 Litre Party Keg

Steam Whistle Brewing announced that Canada’s Premium Pilsner is now available in a new format – a 5 L Party Keg – perfect for sharing at home or taking along to gatherings.

Celebrate Summer with Steam Whistle Pilsner NEW 5 Litre Party Keg

Steam Whistle is known for its award-winning Pilsner and eye-catching brand, and the 5 L Mini Keg continues this legacy.

For those who love draught beer, you can enjoy novelty and convenience with this large-sized can holding 14 x 12 oz pours of their crisp and refreshing Pilsner.

Expect to see Steam Whistle Pilsner 5 L Kegs in these retailers throughout the spring and summer:

Prices will vary by province and retailer, but in Ontario, this Party Keg retails for $34.95, offering volume savings from this 5000ml can-equivalent.

The new Steam Whistle 5 L Party Keg includes a QR code on the Cases and Kegs linking to an instructional video to ensure a smooth pour.

The steps are pretty simple:

  1. CHILL overnight in the fridge or on ice
  2. PLACE on bar top, keeping agitation to a minimum
  3. OPEN the top vent with a counter-clockwise twist
  4. PULL the tap out of the keg toward you
  5. TWIST the tap to the left and FILL your glass
  6. ENJOY the 5L Keg within 48 hours for optimum freshness

Pick up a Steam Whistle 5 L Party Keg today and add this barrel of fun to your regular rotation.